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12 Short Ghost Stories and Novels For Kids To Enjoy

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  • January 23, 2024
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  • 7 min read


Welcome to the mystical world of short ghost stories, specially made for young readers! 

In 2024, we bring you a collection of the best short ghost stories that are not just about spooky stories but also adventure, mystery, and the beauty of friendship. These novels are perfect for kids eager to get into the fascinating world of the supernatural. 

Each story is made with simple, easy-to-understand language, making them accessible and enjoyable for children. These stories, from haunted schools to mysterious attics, are designed to captivate young minds and stimulate their imaginations. Not only do these stories entertain, but they also impart valuable life lessons and encourage bravery and curiosity. 

12 Real Short Ghost Stories and Novels For Kids

Join us as we journey through eerie settings and ghostly encounters while discovering the joys of reading and the thrill of adventure. Get ready for a fun-filled ride through the best short ghost stories and novels for kids!

1- The Haunted Library: A Collection for Young Readers 

Our first stop is “The Haunted Library: A Collection for Young Readers.” This book is perfect for kids who love a good scare. Each story in this collection takes you on a spooky journey through haunted libraries and mysterious books. The stories are written by hire best ghost writers who can keep young readers on the edge.

2- Ghostly Encounters: Fun and Fright for Kids 

“Ghostly Encounters: Fun and Fright for Kids” is a standout choice in the best ghost novels. It is a delightful collection of short, enchanting stories featuring friendly ghosts and intriguing mysteries. Each story is made to be easily digestible for young readers, using simple yet engaging language. The adventures strike the perfect balance between thrilling and mild scares, ensuring they are enjoyable without being too frightening. What enhances the appeal of this book is the creative illustrations by expert graphic novel illustrators, which bring each ghostly story to life. The vibrant images add visual excitement to the stories, making the book a treat to read and look at, thus providing an all-around enjoyable experience for kids.

3- Spooky Adventures: Stories for Brave Young Readers 

Getting deeper into the supernatural world, “Spooky Adventures: Stories for Brave Young Readers” offers a rich collection of ghostly stories. This novel is a true gem, brimming with stories of haunted houses, ethereal companions, and enigmatic occurrences. It’s a perfect fit for children who revel in a touch of adventure with their spine-tingling stories. 

The stories are made straightforwardly captivating, making them ideal for young audiences. Each narrative is an adventure to engage the reader’s imagination and curiosity. The simplicity of the language does not detract from the intrigue of the stories. Rather, it ensures that the young readers remain hooked and thoroughly entertained. This collection is a must-have for young enthusiasts of ghostly adventures.

4- Midnight Whispers: Ghostly Stories for Sleepovers 

As we move forward, let’s explore “Midnight Whispers: Ghostly Stories for Sleepovers.” This selection is a fantastic addition to any collection of ghost story books. It’s perfect for late-night reading with friends. The stories are short, making them easy to share during sleepovers. Each story brings a blend of mystery and excitement, ensuring that young readers are entertained and a little spooked. The simplicity of the language makes it accessible to all young readers.

4- The Ghostly Chronicles: Adventures Beyond the Grave 

Continuing our journey, “The Ghostly Chronicles: Adventures Beyond the Grave” awaits us. This book takes children on a thrilling ride through ghostly worlds. The stories are filled with intriguing characters and mysterious settings. This book’s special feature is its mix of scary moments with fun, making it a great read for kids who love a good ghost story. The stories are written in an easy, understandable style, fitting for young enthusiasts of spooky stories.

5- Phantom Friends: A Journey into the Unknown 

“Phantom Friends: A Journey into the Unknown” is among the real short ghost stories, much like the riveting stories in Tales Of Demons And Gods. This book captivates young readers with stories of ghostly friendships and intriguing adventures. Each story, made in straightforward language, is easy for kids to grasp and enjoy. More than just spooky stories, these stories get into themes of friendship and courage, imparting valuable life lessons in each chapter. 

The narratives, reminiscent of the mystical and heroic elements in “Stories Of Demons And Gods,” offer a blend of excitement and moral teachings. This makes “Phantom Friends” an entertaining read and a source of inspiration and learning for young minds.

6- The Mystery of the Ghostly Mansion 

As we get deeper into our collection, “The Mystery of the Ghostly Mansion” emerges as a captivating story. This story is a significant part of any young reader’s ghost stories book repertoire. Set in an eerie, old mansion, the novel weaves a web of intrigue and suspense. The narrative is straightforward yet engaging, making it ideal for children who revel in unraveling mysteries. 

In the ‘Novel vs Book‘ debate, this novel stands out for its storytelling depth and character development, offering a more immersive experience than shorter, less detailed books. The mansion, featuring hidden rooms and secret passages, actively becomes a character, enhancing the thrill. Additionally, vivid illustrations enhance the novel, bringing the spectral characters and the mysterious mansion to life for a visual treat to young readers.

8- The Secret of the Haunted School 

Getting further into our ghostly stories, “The Secret of the Haunted School” shines brightly in the world of ghost stories novels. This captivating book takes its young readers on a suspenseful journey through the eerie corridors of a haunted school. The story is woven with secrets and surprises at every turn, engaging the reader’s imagination and sense of adventure. 

The language is straightforward and easily understandable, making it an excellent choice for children, especially those just beginning to explore the world of true short ghost stories for kids. The plot is thoughtfully made to be both thrilling and intriguing, keeping young minds engaged and eager to solve the mystery. It’s the perfect mix of excitement and suspense for budding detectives and adventure seekers.

9- Whispering Shadows: Ghostly Stories of the Town 

Next on our list is “Whispering Shadows: Ghostly Stories of the Town.” This novel is a gem among ghost story novels. It’s a collection of stories set in different parts of a mysterious town. Each story is short and easy to read, ideal for young readers. The stories blend spookiness with curiosity, making each one a thrilling adventure. The language is straightforward, ensuring kids will find it engaging and fun.

10- Ghostly Echoes: Stories of the Supernatural 

We find “Ghostly Echoes: Stories of the Supernatural.” This captivating book is a fantastic pick from the scary ghost stories. It’s a collection of supernatural stories that are both spooky and intriguing. The stories are written in a simple, straightforward style, perfect for young readers. Each story takes you on a journey into a world of ghosts and mysteries, providing excitement and a touch of fear in a kid-friendly way.

11- The Enchanted Attic: Secrets Unveiled 

Continuing our exploration, “The Enchanted Attic: Secrets Unveiled” stands out in the world of children ghost stories book. This engaging novel, inspired by novel AI prompts, offers a fresh take on ghostly stories. Set in a mysterious attic, each story unfolds a new secret and adventure. Filled with intriguing spirits and hidden mysteries, the stories captivate the imagination of young readers. The language is kept simple perfect for kids. The stories, though short, are rich in detail and excitement, making them an ideal choice for a thrilling bedtime story. The unique blend of AI-inspired creativity and traditional storytelling creates a fascinating reading experience for children.

12- Creepy Corners: Stories from the Dark Side 

Finally, we explore “Creepy Corners: Stories from the Dark Side.” This book is a standout amongst the great ghost stories book. It is a collection of eerie and mysterious stories, each taking place in a different spooky corner of the world. The stories are short, making them perfect for a quick read. They are made using simple, easy-to-understand language, which is ideal for young readers. The book is a great example of how online ghostwriting solutions can produce exciting and engaging content for children. Each story in “Creepy Corners” promises to thrill, chill, and delight young fans of ghostly stories.

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