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How to Create a Children’s Book Illustration in 8 Steps in 2024

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  • April 1, 2024
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  • 6 min read


Creating pictures for a children’s book is a big job. Pictures help tell the story and make it fun for kids to read. Good pictures can make a book very popular and loved by many. As we get into 2024, making book pictures has become even more exciting because of new tools and ways to share your work.

This guide will help you learn how to make wonderful pictures from start to finish. You will see how important pictures are in telling stories to children. We will show you every step to make your book special and liked by many young readers.

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

Knowing who will read your book when illustrate a children’s book . Different ages like different things. For example, very young kids enjoy bright and simple pictures, while older kids might like more detailed and complex images. It’s important to consider what these young readers can understand and enjoy.

When you know who you are making your book for, you can choose the right colors, shapes, and sizes for your pictures. This helps ensure that the kids who read your book find it fun and interesting.

Step 2: Developing Your Concept

When you start making your book, first, you need to think of a good idea. What will your story be about? What will happen in the story? You also need to consider what your characters will look like and where they will go in the book. This step is very important because it helps you ensure that your pictures and story work well together.

Many books already out there have great pictures that perfectly match their stories. For example, books about animals often have pictures showing exactly what they look like and where they live. This makes the story better because it helps kids imagine the world of the book.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Tools and Materials

To make great pictures for your book, you need the right tools. Some artists like to use pencils and paint, while others might use computers and tablets. The tools you choose can change how your pictures look. It’s like picking the best crayons for your coloring book.

Looking at books that have already been made, you can see different kinds of pictures. Some books have smooth, clear pictures done on computers, and others might have rougher, hand-painted pictures. This shows you how different tools can give your book a special look.

Consider how other books’ different types of Illustration can help you decide what tools you might want to use for your book illustrations. Next, we can learn how to start sketching your characters and their places in the book. Are you ready to move on?

Step 4: Sketching Your Characters and Environment

When you make a children’s book, drawing your characters and the places they visit is a fun part. Start with simple sketches. These are the first drawings where you try out your ideas. It’s okay if they’re not perfect right away. You’ll change them as you think about your story’s appearance.

Many famous books have characters and places that are easily remembered because they are drawn so well. These drawings make the characters seem real and the places exciting. Looking at these books, you can see how important good sketches are. Moreover, when deciding to hire children’s book illustrators, it is essential to choose someone who can create such an impact.

Would you like to know how to make your sketches into final pictures? Let’s talk about finalizing your book illustration next.

Step 5: Finalizing book illustration

After you have your sketches, it’s time to make them into final pictures for your book. This means you color them in, clean up the lines, and add small details that make everything look nice. It’s like when you clean up your room: everything looks just right.

Some famous books have pictures that are very detailed and colorful. Looking at these books, you can see how every little part of the picture adds to the story, making it more interesting and fun. This shows how important it is to spend time on your final drawings.

Now, let’s talk about working with others to improve your book. Ready to learn about collaborating with authors and editors?

Step 6: Collaborating with Authors and Editors

When you are almost done with your pictures, it’s important to work together with the story’s writer and the editors. They can advise you on how to make your book illustration better and fit perfectly with the words in the book. It’s like getting help from a teacher to make your project the best it can be.

Looking at successful books, you can see how the words and pictures work together like a team. This teamwork strengthens the story and helps everyone understand and enjoy the book more.

Next, we must prepare your book to share with the world. Are you excited to learn about preparing for publication?

Step 7: Preparing for Publication

Now that your book illustrations are complete, it’s time to prepare your book for people to read. This step includes ensuring all your pictures fit well on the pages with the text and that everything looks clean and beautiful. It’s a bit like putting the final pieces of a puzzle together, but remember, we’re focusing on how everything looks.

Many well-known books are remembered for how beautifully they come together in the final print. This shows the importance of checking every detail before your book enters the world.

Would you like to wrap up our guide by learning how to launch your illustrated book? Let’s move on to the final step.


Now that your book illustrations are ready, thinking about sharing your book with the world is exciting. This last step is all about making sure people know about your book. You can show your book to others at book fairs or online stores. It’s important to tell friends, family, and others about your new book so they can enjoy it, too.

Many well-loved books have been shared worldwide because people talked about how much they liked the pictures and stories. When many people know about a book, it can be read by kids in many places, which is very exciting for any author and illustrator.

By using services from places like the Book Writing Bureau, you can find help to promote your book and get tips on how to succeed. Getting the right help can make a big difference in how well your book does.

Are you ready to take these steps and see your book enjoyed by readers everywhere? Let’s make that happen!

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