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Memoir Ghostwriting Services | Top 8 Platforms in 2024


If you’re dreaming of writing your first book or want to write a book about your life, memoir ghostwriting services are just what you need. These services bring together talented writers who can turn your life stories into engaging books. Now, in 2024, finding a ghost book writer to capture your memories has never been easier. The world of memoir ghostwriting services has grown, offering more choices to help you share your story. We’ve got a list of the top 8 platforms that provide these services this year. They’re here to ensure your path to becoming an author is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With these platforms, getting your unique experiences and stories down on paper is straightforward, ensuring your memories are preserved and shared just as you wish.

What are Memoir Ghostwriting Services?

Memoir Ghostwriting Services are specialized services where expert writers help you tell your life story in a book. So, these writers, called ghostwriters, work with you to turn your memories and experiences into a compelling narrative. They write the book on your behalf, capturing your voice and essence. Whether you’ve had extraordinary adventures or valuable life lessons to share, these services make it easy for anyone to become an children’s author without needing to be a writing expert.

Advantages of Memoir Ghostwriting Services

Advantages of Memoir Ghostwriting Services

1- Time-Saving

Memoir ghostwriting services take the time-consuming task of writing off your hands, allowing you to share your story without dedicating countless hours to writing.

2- Professional Writing Quality

Ghostwriters are skilled professionals who can turn your life stories into engaging narratives, ensuring your book is well-written and captivating.

3- Authentic Voice Preservation

A good ghostwriter excels at capturing your unique voice and essence, ensuring the final book feels authentically yours.

4- Overcoming Writer’s Block

A ghostwriter allows you to avoid getting stuck. They keep the writing process moving forward, ensuring the timely completion of your memoir.

5- Stress Reduction

Knowing a professional is handling the writing reduces the stress and pressure of creating a perfect manuscript, making the process enjoyable.

These subheadings highlight the key benefits of utilizing memoir ghostwriting services. They aim to bring your personal stories to life in a compelling, professionally written book.

Top 8 Platforms of Memoir Ghostwriting Services

1- Ghostwriting Founder

Ghostwriting Founder is a standout choice for anyone looking into personal memoir ghostwriting. They’re all about making your life’s stories shine in book form. What makes them special is their personalized service. They work closely with you, ensuring every part of your story is just as you want. Their commitment to capturing your unique voice and essence sets them apart. Plus, they have a great team of ghost writers near me and everywhere else, ensuring you get matched with the best writer for your story, no matter your location. This approach makes the whole process personal and focused, turning your memories into a book that reflects you.

2- Memoir Helper

Memoir Helper stands out as a premier platform for memoir ghostwriting services, offering everything you need to bring your book to life. If your dream is to have a memoir ghostwriter write your book, or you’re looking for expert help with the final touches, like editing and proofreading, they’ve got you covered. They specialize in creating stories that don’t just get published but aim to top the bestseller lists. This makes Memoir Helper the ideal partner for aspiring writers who want their memoirs to be noticed and celebrated. They provide a comprehensive package, guiding you from the initial concept to seeing your book in print, all to help you achieve literary success. With Memoir Helper, you’re not just writing a memoir but setting the stage for a bestseller. 

3- Book Writing Bureau

Book Writing Bureau is famous for its clear ghostwriting rates, making it simple to budget your memoir project. They take the worry out of the cost without cutting corners on quality. Offering a wide range of ghostwriting services, they cover everything from the first draft to the final polish, ensuring your memoir shines and is ready to be shared with the world. Their focus on affordability without compromising quality has made them a go-to choice for many aspiring authors. Whether you’re at the start of your writing journey or putting the finishing touches on your manuscript, Book Writing Bureau provides a straightforward, cost-effective path to a professionally written memoir you’ll be proud to publish.

4- National Association Memoir Writers

National Association Memoir Writers is a leading option for anyone looking to bring their personal stories to life through memoirs. With an extensive network of expert eBook writers USA-wide, they specialize in connecting you with local talent, allowing you to choose between in-person collaboration or working remotely. This adaptability is ideal for anyone who values a personal touch and tailored service throughout the memoir-writing process. National Association Memoir Writers stands out by offering the chance to hire expert memoir ghostwriters who are not only exceptionally skilled in their craft but also deeply committed to ensuring your life’s narrative is captured with authenticity and emotional depth.

5- The Memoir Network

The Memoir Network is perfect for anyone taking their first steps, especially if you want to write a book about your life. They break down the writing and publishing journey into easy-to-follow steps, making it achievable for everyone. Their memoir ghostwriters can turn your personal stories into engaging narratives that speak to readers. This platform is about making your life story not just another book on the shelf but a standout read that captures interest and emotions. Whether your story is full of adventures, lessons learned, or precious memories, The Memoir Network helps you share it most effectively.

6- The Story Scribe

The Story Scribe is your go-to for premium memoir ghostwriting services, perfect for anyone aiming to turn their life story into a celebrated literary work. They’re known for their best-selling memoir ghostwriter team, ensuring your memoir has the professional touch needed to stand out. If you’re hoping for your memoir to make waves and deeply explore your life’s story, The Story Scribe has the expertise you want. They specialize in creating detailed, moving narratives that truly reflect the depth of your experiences. With The Story Scribe, you’re not just writing a memoir; you’re crafting a masterpiece poised to capture hearts and minds.

7- Ghost Book Writers

Ghost Book Writers specializes in turning personal journeys into engaging and deep memoirs, offering a tailored experience every step of the way. Their memoir ghostwriter teams are committed to close collaboration, ensuring they capture the essence of your life story with genuine depth and understanding. Anyone who prefers to be actively involved in bringing their memoir to life will find this service perfect. With Ghost Book Writers, your memoir will tell your story and connect emotionally with readers, making it a vivid and heartfelt portrayal of your experiences.

8- Vanilla Heart Book and Authors

Vanilla Heart Book and Authors is your one-stop destination for all ghostwriting services, boasting many talented writers. It’s the perfect place to find someone to help you write your first book or offer the specialized publishing advice you need. Their community is full of writers with the expertise and experience to support your writing journey, regardless of where you’re starting from or what help you need. With Vanilla Heart Book and Authors, finding the right help for your book project is easy and stress-free. They ensure you have access to the best advice and support, ensuring your book’s journey from idea to publication is smooth.


How much does hiring a memoir ghostwriter cost? 

Hiring a memoir ghostwriter can vary widely. It can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the ghostwriter’s experience, the memoir’s length, and the project’s complexity.

How long does it take to ghostwrite a memoir? 

Ghostwriting a memoir, averaging 80,000 words and 200-300 pages, typically takes 3 to 12 months. The timeline can vary based on the memoir’s length, the research required, and the writer’s and client’s schedules.


Writing a memoir offers a special chance to share your life story with others. By partnering with expert memoir ghostwriting services, you can make sure your memoir captures the essence of your experiences in a compelling and authentic way. These services can help bring your story to life, ensuring it’s engaging and well-crafted. Whether your goal is to inspire readers, provide entertainment, or keep your memories alive for future generations, the top platforms in the field are ready to help turn your dream of publishing into reality. With their assistance, your memoir can become a cherished book that reflects your journey and connects with readers on a deep level.

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