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What Is the Longest Book In The World (Top 12 Books)

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  • August 2, 2023
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It’s amusing that many passionate readers avoid reading a single lengthy book when they might read the same number of pages in a month by dividing their reading time among numerous shorter ones. 

What is the longest book in the world? Remembrance of Things Past is the largest book. Some readers say this is because they want to read several books yearly. One big book could make them late, making them less likely to add it to their book account.

Another idea is that longer books tell more than they show. When I asked the same question on different sites, people said that reading great long books like War and Peace in school “scared” them away from wanting to try again. Overall, readers have a problem with long books because of how they think. 

You’ve come to the right place to find your next long book if you’re one of the people who like to read. Don’t let these word counts scare you! 

What Is the Longest Book In The World?

We’re all readers, but we can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment when the book we’ve been looking forward to is the size of a brick. Many readers choose their book selections with an eye toward how long it will take them to read. What is the longest book in the world? You may think twice before diving into the longest books in history, even if many people would be okay with reading a large book size that’s longer than 1000 or 1500 pages.

The length of a book is subjectively measured. Thus, it’s no surprise that this list has been continuously discussed. To begin, it is simple to determine the total number of pages or words in a modern digital text, but this information is only approximated for older publications in ebook writing services.

Remembrance of Things Past:

A la Recherche du temps Perdu, by Marcel Proust, is the longest book in the world and is widely acknowledged as the longest book in print. Nearly 1.3 million words and an estimated 9,609,000 characters comprise its length (the original English title was In Search of Lost Time). One character is tallied for each letter, and one character is added for each space.

Story Plot:

Summarising A la recherche du temp’s perdu justice would be impossible.

Still, the book tells the story of Proust’s life and self-discovery through the narrator’s recollections of his childhood and his experiences expanding up and falling in love in late 19th and early 20th-century high-society France.

The narrative’s protagonist is an obsessive lover, a guy (perhaps named Marcel). He is a social climber in a Parisian arrondissement closely associated with the city’s aristocracy. The book chronicles his slow but sure realization that his personal experience may be redeemed by translation into art.

The Madeleine episode, in which the protagonist reminisces about his upbringing after tasting a little cake soaked in lime blossom tea, is one of the book’s most famous passages because it interprets spontaneous recollection. Proust’s aesthetic writing style may be seen in his use of sensory details like these.

Top 12 Longest Books in the World

Do you know that there are so many long books? Therefore, there are some longest books ever. A book is a made-up story told in writing that is long and complicated and deals creatively with real life. We all like to read, and many people choose books based on how long it will take them to finish. So, in this post, we’ll look at which book is the world’s most enormous.  

1- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables is a French book about the life of a fictional character named Jean Valjean and how the acts of several other characters save him. 

Jean Valjean is finally set free after being locked up for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread and making many attempts to get out. When he gets out of prison, he has to face the hard truth that comes with it.

Jean gets help from an understanding priest, who gives him a place to live while he puts his life back together. Then, Jean makes machines that bring money to his town. His vast success makes it possible for him to become Mayor.

2- The Modern Saga by Samuel Richardson

“Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady,” an epistolary romance, is also in the running for the longest book.

By Samuel Richardson, an English writer. The 1748 book “Clarissa” comprises letters between the main character, Clarissa Harlowe, and her friends and family. There are about 984,000 words in the book.

“Clarissa” is a groundbreaking work of psychological realism that looks at morality, gender, and class. Some readers of professional book writing companies may find it hard to get through because of its length and complicated structure, but it is clear that writers like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens were influenced by it.

3- The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

The Tale of Genji is an excellent way to learn about the society of the Japanese upper class in the early Heian period. Genji is a beautiful, kind, and talented courtier. He is also an excellent lover and a good friend. 

The Tale of Genji is thought to be the first book ever written. The book is old Japanese, but the artist Akiko Yasano changed it to modern Japanese in the 20th century. Then, in 1882, Suematsu Kencho did a lousy job translating it into English. People in Japan think of the book as a standard of Japanese writing.

4- War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

“War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy is often brought up when people talk about the oldest books in the world. This vast historical book, which came out in 1869, is about the lives of five Russian noble families during the Napoleonic Wars. “War and Peace” has about 587,000 words, so it’s not the most important book ever written. However, its complex plot and many different ideas make it a landmark in world literature.

The book by Leo Tolstoy is well-known for how well it shows Russian society, explores the human situation, and makes moral points about history and war.

Some people might not want to read “War and Peace”. It is so long and hard to understand, but those who do often find it very rewarding.

5- Sironia Texas by Madison Cooper

In 1952, Sironia, Texas, made news because it was the longest book written and released up to that point. This is the world’s longest book. Author Madison Cooper spent eleven years writing about a made-up town that many people say is based in Waco, Texas, where Cooper grew up. 

Individuals in Waco would often play guessing games to determine which of the characters was based on someone they knew, and many of the characters were modeled off individuals Cooper knew. 

Sironia, Texas, was on the New York Times’ top list for 11 weeks. The money he made from sales went to a charity fund he set up, which has helped some local organizations.

6- Miss MacIntosh, My Darling by Marguerite Young

In Miss Maclntosh, my beloved, the author attempts to illustrate the struggle of the human soul to find truth in a fantastical and terrifying world.

According to Marguerite Young, Miss Macintosh is the only character she makes up. The rest of the characters are based on real people.

The style of writing is poetry, and it talks about drug abuse, women’s right to vote, natural and imagined pregnancies, suicide, schizophrenia, perfectionism, and the psychology of gaming.

Marguerite Young wants to discover what’s real and just a dream. If you look at life through the lens of death, everything in this book makes sense.

7- Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong

The book is about people’s lives like the Caocao or San Quan.  The person became important in the last years of the Han. The book takes place in the chaotic years near the end of the Han dynasty. It tells how different rulers and pretenders to the throne fought constant wars. Also, it split China into three separate countries until the Jin Dynasty brought them back together.

The book is one of four crucial Chinese writing classics that span over a hundred years. Several movies and films are about it.

8- Deathlands by Jack Adrian

Russia and the United States traded a lot of nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War. It destroys the world and makes it worse in terms of geography, temperature, and habitats. 

After 100 years, society is still struggling to grow. Crops don’t grow well, violent mutinies roam the land, and wealthy lords keep all military information to themselves. Ryan Cawdor leads a small group of survivors as they search the ground for technology that has been lost.

The written books stopped at the 125th number because the only printer, Gold Eagle Publishing, went out of business. Therefore, the average time to read a 300-page book. Another company bought it, but the rest of the story is only available as graphic audio.

9- The Destroyer by Warren Murphy

Remo Williams is a police officer who was put to death for a crime he did not commit. The government makes it look like he died so they can train him to be a killer for CURE, a secret group breaking the law. There, he learns a lot of different ways to fight, from private martial arts to using modern weapons. Williams has fought almost every kind of enemy you can think of, from cyborgs to monsters.

10- Fear Street by R.L. Stine

The Fear Street books contain strange, magical things, secrets, and murder.

Compared to Stine’s Goosebumps series, Fear Street is for a larger crowd. The people in the story are teenagers, not preteens. And while the deaths in Goosebumps aren’t too bad, the ones in Fear Street are much worse and more detailed.

The main characters in each book are different, but since they all take place in the same town, it’s not uncommon for people from one book to appear in another.

11- Xanth by Piers Anthony

Every person on Xanth has some innate magical ability. No one has ever had the same talent twice in all of Xanth’s existence (but similar ones do pop up sometimes). A person may experience anything from a chromatic aberration to a time reversal.

Each novel has a different main character. It may be a guy, a woman, a kid, or something that isn’t even human. This broadens the show’s understanding of its setting. The numerous puns found throughout (at least the first few volumes) are also a source of its notoriety.

Anthony had planned for the series to stop after three books. But his passionate readership quickly persuaded him to write a fourth installment. This season will continue indefinitely.

12- Choose Your Adventure by Edward Packard

It’s your story to write.  The protagonist you play will vary from one journey to the next. In a fantasy RPG, one may play as a warrior, an archer, or a wizard. Characters may be of any ethnicity or gender.

Every few pages, you’ll have to make a decision that will affect the rest of the story. The author additionally randomized the number of options and endings for a more surprising plot. Also, the ratio of good to terrible ends and your forward and backward journey through the book.

What is the longest book in the world? Many more series, including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Disney, have appeared in the books throughout their publishing history.

Which Is the Biggest Book In The World | 2023

In a nation where breaking records is a badge of honor, one of the longest books ever written has attracted much attention. Michael Hawley’s goal in writing Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom was not to create a best-seller, but even if that were the case, it would not be the most critical aspect of the book. Hawley’s MIT study on photographing a visual record of field trips led to the project’s final shape, which measures 7 feet by 5 feet.


What is the longest book in the world? Many people have different ideas about what the biggest book in the world is. It is based on word count, page count, and how difficult the story is. From Proust’s intellectual thoughts to “The Wheel of Time’s” epic scale, the books discussed in this piece are some of the most ambitious and groundbreaking works of literature.

Whether you’re a reader looking for a new challenge or a curious person who wants to read the world’s biggest books, these literary epics allow you to get lost in compelling stories, well-developed worlds, and ideas that will make you think. So, why go on your literature trip and read the great stories that have captivated readers for hundreds of years?

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