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8 Independent Children’s Book Publishers For New Authors

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  • February 7, 2024
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Child development involves reading, which develops the child’s literacy abilities, augments their vocabulary and creates the habit of loving to read more. It is crucial to cultivate such an interest early on in life. If you have a children’s book that can propel the young through this journey, several children’s book publishers will tremendously solve your distribution problems. 

Be the 4- or 14-year-old reader; your children’s publisher awaits you.

But, finding the right kind of publisher can be a complex task for first time authors. That’s why, to help, we bring you this list of the best children’s book publishers we’ve shortlisted. We aim to provide an in-depth look to give emerging authors a jump start on their journey.

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Top 8 Independent Children’s Book Publishers For First Time Authors

Here are some of the amazing names of top children book publishers that provide you with online book publishing services

1. Urban Book Publishers

Urban Book Publishers is a well-known company that helps writers get their books published. They offer a bunch of services to fit each writer’s needs. The company is famous for being very professional in how they help authors make their books great. 

They want their stories to connect and empower readers, especially young readers, by having characters and stories they can relate to. When writers work with Urban Book Publishers, they get lots of good advice, help, and marketing for their books. 

The people who edit the books are good at what they do, so the final product turns out great. Working with Urban Book Publishers can help writers sell more books and reach more people. 

Address: 369 Lexington Avenue 3rd Floor New York City, NY 10017

Areas served: New York and nearby areas

Phone: + 1 917 795 4201

2. NY Publishers

NY Publishers is a famous book publishing company in New York, USA. They offer many services like writing, publishing, and book marketing. They have a team of skilled people who are experienced in their respective fields and provide top-notch results. They’ve released many great books in the past.

This New York book publishers is like a one-stop shop for writers. They help with everything from writing to publishing to marketing. They care a lot about having diverse stories. They want to allow authors from different backgrounds to share their stories. 

NY Publishers is known for being professional and ensuring the quality of their published books is top-notch. In the world of book publishing companies in New York, they stand out.

For authors seeking children’s book publishers accepting submissions, NY Publishers provides opportunities for writers to submit their manuscripts and potentially have their children’s books published.

Address: 445 Broad Hollow Rd Melville, NY 11747

Areas served: New York City and nearby areas

Phone: +19295636273

3. Blue Mount Publishers

Blue Mount Publishers is another great agency among the children’s book publishing companies. They offer many different services to ensure authors’ books are top quality and ready for the market. They focus on traditional publishing, which means they follow the usual process of getting books out there.

Blue Mount Publishers’ expertise in writing book manuscripts is one thing that differentiates. They have skilled writers who can help authors write their books if needed. Whether authors need help with the traditional publishing process or want Blue Mount Publishers to handle everything, they’re committed to helping authors every step of the way.

Blue Mount Publishers have been in the industry for quite some time and are well-known for publishing guides and books about climbing and hiking. Their experience and focus on these specific genres make them a great choice for authors who write about these topics. 

They’re known for being professional and producing high-quality books, which makes them a valuable partner for authors who want to succeed in publishing.

Address: 5670 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

Areas served: Los Angeles and nearby areas

Phone: +13239176034

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4. KDP Publishers

Amazon provides KDP Publishers, where authors can publish their books online or in print. With KDP, authors can publish ebooks, paperbacks, and even hardcover books using print-on-demand technology. This means that books are printed only when someone buys them, reducing the need for large inventories. 

Authors can upload their books in various formats on the KDP website. They can set their prices and earn royalties ranging from 10% to 70%, with Amazon taking a percentage of the sales revenue.

KDP is available in 44 languages, allowing authors to reach a global audience. The platform has many benefits, including no upfront publishing costs, the option to sell books worldwide on Amazon, and the ability to publish digital and print versions.

For authors searching for a children book publisher near me, KDP Publishers provides an accessible option for publishing children’s books and reaching a wide audience through Amazon’s platform.

A good thing for the authors can be that they will retain control over their work and can easily manage their books through KDP’s user-friendly interface. Whether authors are professional and experienced writers or first time to publishing, KDP offers a convenient and cost-effective way to share their stories with readers worldwide. Additionally, authors can explore opportunities with an eBook subscription company to expand their reach and connect with readers through subscription-based services.

Address: 8223 Calico Canyon Dr Tomball TX 77375

Areas served: Texas and nearby areas

Phone: +1 888 341 0599

5. Vanilla Heart Book and Authors

Vanilla Heart Book and Authors is a company that helps writers bring their stories to life with professional writing services. They’re all about providing great quality at prices that writers can afford. Their team of writers is experienced and talented, covering various genres like mysteries, romances, how-to guides, spiritual books, and those focused on LGBT themes.

They believe in diverse and inclusive storytelling, welcoming authors from all backgrounds to share their perspectives. Vanilla Heart Publishers, a part of Vanilla Heart Book and Authors, helps authors through the entire publishing process without charging fees. They might even offer advances to well-known authors.

For individuals interested in pursuing careers in the publishing industry, exploring opportunities at children’s book publishers jobs within companies like Vanilla Heart Book and Authors can offer valuable experience and insight into the world of book publishing.

Address: 1812 W Burbank Blvd Burbank, CA 91506

Areas served: Burbank and nearby areas

Phone: +18886450042

6. American Book Publisher

American Book Publisher is a top-notch publishing company that helps authors at every step of the publishing process. They offer many services to ensure authors’ books get out there just as they want. They’re all about supporting authors and making sure their writing shines.

They’re known for their excellent work and have published many different books. They care about having diverse stories and want authors from all backgrounds to share their perspectives. 

American Book Publishers helps authors edit, market, and understand what readers want. They’re known for their quality work and are a great choice for authors who want their books to succeed.

For authors looking for kid book publishers in USA, American Book Publisher offers services tailored to children’s literature. They ensure that young readers can enjoy diverse and captivating stories. 

Address: 38-11 Ditmars Blvd #1091, Queens, NY 11105

Areas served: New York and nearby areas

Phone: +19295636133

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7. Holiday House:

Holiday House is a well-established publishing company that specializes in children’s books. 

For authors aiming to publish children’s books, Holiday House is one of the industry’s largest children’s book publishers, providing a platform for writers to reach young readers with their imaginative and captivating stories.

They publish fiction and non-fiction works for children, focusing on different age groups, including picture books for kids ages 0-6, chapter books for ages 5-9, middle-grade literature for ages 11-13, and young adult books for ages 14-17. The company is known for its commitment to promoting diverse and inclusive storytelling, 

Holiday House’s emphasis on providing hardcover books ensures durability, perfect for withstanding the eager hands of young readers. Their catalog showcases a rich collection of works from esteemed authors and illustrators, each story presenting children with a new perspective. 

The bedrock of Holiday House has always been high-quality literature. Their books often delve into a child’s imagination, opening their minds to think, learn, and grow.

Whether it’s a quiet bedtime story or a stimulating adventure that young readers seek, Holiday House has a book ready to transport them into worlds unknown.

Areas served: New York and nearby areas

Contact Email: [email protected]

8. Phaidon:

Phaidon is a renowned publishing house that covers a wide range of topics, including design, architecture, art, cookbooks, and children’s books. In children’s books, Phaidon publishes illustrated works for ages 0-8, including picture books, novelty books, and board books. 

The company is known for its high-quality publications and commitment to promoting diverse and inclusive storytelling. While Phaidon does accept unsolicited submissions, it gives priority to agent submissions. 

The company is particularly seeking works that match the Phaidon brand, so authors are encouraged to explore Phaidon’s store to become familiar with the content they publish.

For first-time authors interested in publishing children’s books, children’s book publishers for first time authors like Phaidon can provide valuable opportunities to share their stories with a wide audience. 


There are many independent publishers to consider for new writers stepping into children’s book publishing. These publishers are eager to support and showcase new talent. The process of finding the right publisher can be thrilling and fulfilling.

Independent publishers offer a special platform for new writers to share their stories in children’s literature. Each publisher has its style and audience, providing writers various opportunities to express their creativity.

Working with independent children’s book publishers gives writers more say in their creative process and how their book is published. This hands-on approach encourages collaboration between writers and publishers, creating genuine and captivating children’s stories.

Moreover, they are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and fresh storytelling. They actively seek new voices and perspectives, making them great partners for writers with unique tales.

As the children’s book industry evolves, independent publishers play a vital role in shaping the literary scene and giving voice to new authors. For aspiring writers, exploring opportunities with independent children’s book publishers can be the first step toward a fulfilling career in children’s literature.

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