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50 Best Opinion Writing Prompts For Middle School

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  • September 8, 2023
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Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of education is teaching young people how to voice their views. This journey of self-discovery and critical thinking starts with opinion writing for middle school kids.

This is a fun and empowering way for them to say what they think, believe, and see. As teachers, parents, and guides, we must give our young students the right tools to help them write effective opinions.

This complete guide gives you the “50 Best Opinion Writing Prompts for Middle School.” These prompts were carefully chosen to spark young writers’ imaginations. These writing ideas were made with different age groups in mind, so they are not just for middle schoolers. Moreover, they can also be changed to fit the creative minds of first through 5th- graders.

Why Opinion Writing Matters?

Indeed, opinion writing is a way for young people to connect their hearts and minds to the world around them. According to the best book writing company in the USA, writing prompts for middle school and elementary give students a chance to find their voices and let them talk about their feelings, values, and views. Also, it helps them develop important skills like critical thought, persuasive reasoning, and good communication, which will greatly help them in school and beyond.

Writing Prompts for Middle School

Creative writing prompts for middle school students are a fun list to help unmotivated and bored students use their imaginations.

Do you know that a lack of energy and direction is one of the main reasons students have trouble getting better at writing?

This can make it hard to think of new ideas, leading to bad work and low confidence.

The writing prompts below ask young writers to think about real or imagined events, how they made them feel, and a few strange things that could happen. So, let’s have a look.

Opinion Writing Prompts For Middle School

  1. The Impact of Social Media
  2. Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?
  3. Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor Education
  4. The Role of Technology in Our Lives
  5. Are Video Games Harmful or Beneficial?
  6. The Importance of Recycling
  7. Should Students Have Part-Time Jobs?
  8. The Effects of Bullying on Mental Health
  9. Should Junk Food Be Banned in Schools?
  10. The Pros and Cons of Homework
  11. The Influence of Celebrities on Teenagers
  12. Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?
  13. The Significance of Friendship in Adolescence
  14. Is Climate Change Real or a Hoax?
  15. The Impact of Music on Mood
  16. Should School Start Times Be Adjusted?
  17. The Role of Art and Music in Education
  18. Should Schools Teach Financial Literacy?
  19. The Effects of Advertising on Young Minds
  20. Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Classrooms?
  21. The Importance of Cultural Diversity
  22. Should the Voting Age Be Lowered to 16?
  23. The Impact of Television on Society
  24. Should Physical Education Be Mandatory?
  25. The Ethics of Cloning
  26. The Significance of Family Traditions
  27. Should Space Exploration Be Prioritized?
  28. The Role of Sports in Education
  29. The Influence of Parents on Career Choices
  30. Should Schools Teach Coding?
  31. The Impact of Fast Food on Health
  32. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  33. Should Public Speaking Be a Required Skill?
  34. The Effects of Global Warming
  35. The Significance of Volunteering
  36. Should Students Be Allowed to Grade Their Teachers?
  37. The Role of Pets in Our Lives
  38. The Influence of Books on Imagination
  39. Should Schools Extend Recess Time?
  40. The Impact of Plastic Pollution
  41. The Importance of Self-Care
  42. Should Schools Implement Meditation?
  43. The Effects of Social Pressure on Teens
  44. The Role of Technology in Healthcare
  45. Should Animal Cruelty Be Punished More Severely?
  46. The Significance of Time Management
  47. Should Schools Teach Philosophy?
  48. The Impact of Online Learning
  49. The Importance of Critical Thinking
  50. Should Schools Provide Free Breakfast?

With these creative writing prompts for middle school students, you’ll have a starting point for your writing. Indeed, there’s nothing like a spark of inspiration to get you going!

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Writing Prompts For Elementary School

After suggesting writing prompts for middle school, let’s look into writing prompts for elementary school.

Writing prompts for first graders

As educators, it is crucial to introduce young minds to the joy of writing from an early age. 1st graders are at a stage where they are developing their language skills and forming their thoughts. Providing them with creative and engaging writing prompts can ignite their imagination and build a strong foundation for future writing endeavors. Therefore, here are some fantastic writing prompts for first graders:

  1. My Favorite Animal: Describe your favorite animal and explain why you like it.
  2. A Magical Adventure: Write a story about a magical adventure you had with your best friend.
  3. The Best Day Ever: Imagine your perfect day and write about all the fun things you would do.
  4. If I Were a Superhero: Create your superhero persona and write about the exciting powers you would have.
  5. My Family: Introduce your family members and write about a special memory with each of them.
  6. The Talking Pet: Imagine your pet can talk and write a conversation you would have with them.
  7. My Dream Vacation: Describe your dream vacation destination and all the exciting things you would do there.
  8. The Friendly Alien: Write a story about an alien who comes to visit Earth and becomes your friend.
  9. My Favorite Food: Explain why your favorite food is the best and how it makes you feel when you eat it.
  10. The Lost Toy: Write a story about a lost toy and the adventure of finding it again.

Generating writing ideas for 1st graders is a fantastic method to demonstrate to young kids how enjoyable it is to write and tell stories. These engaging questions not only enhance their language skills but also encourage creativity and critical thinking. Exploring these captivating 1st-grade writing prompts helps children describe their thoughts and feelings clearly, fostering a lifelong love for writing. Check out some amazing prompts on online ghostwriting websites to make the writing journey even more exciting!

2nd-grade writing prompts

Secondly, when it comes to 2nd-grade students, engaging them in writing can be a delightful and educational experience. Hence, here are some creative and age-appropriate 2nd-grade writing prompts that will spark their imagination and help them express their thoughts effectively:

  1. My Favorite Animal: Describe your favorite animal and why you like it the most.
  2. A Magic Adventure: Imagine you find a magic wand that can take you anywhere. Write about the exciting adventure you’d embark on.
  3. If I Were a Superhero: If you were a superhero, what would your powers be, and how would you use them to help others?
  4. The Enchanted Forest: Write a story about a magical forest where everything is possible.
  5. My Dream Vacation: Describe your dream vacation destination and all the fun activities you would do there.
  6. The Talking Pet: If your pet could talk, what do you think it would say? Write a conversation between you and your talking pet.
  7. The Friendly Alien: Imagine an alien comes to visit Earth. Write about the friendship you build with this extraterrestrial visitor.
  8. A Day Without Rules: What would happen if there were no rules for a day? Describe the exciting and chaotic events that might occur.
  9. The Gigantic Ice Cream: You find a gigantic ice cream cone. Write about the adventure of eating it before it melts.
  10. The Time Machine: If you had a time machine, which period would you visit, and what would you do there?

Remember, these writing prompts are meant to be fun and imaginative. Encourage your 2nd-graders to let their creativity flow and enjoy the process of writing. Prompts allow young minds to explore their thoughts, develop writing skills, and communicate effectively. Hopefully, by incorporating engaging and age-appropriate prompts, educators can create an environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking among students.

3rd-grade writing prompts

Then, as students progress into 3rd grade, their writing skills continue to evolve, making it essential to provide them with engaging and age-appropriate writing prompts. So, these 3rd-grade writing prompts aim to foster creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression in young learners. Let’s explore some exciting topics that will inspire these budding writers:

  1. My Favorite Superhero: Describe your favorite superhero and explain why they are special to you.
  2. A Magical Adventure: Write a story about a magical adventure you have with your best friend.
  3. If I Were President: Imagine you were the president of your country. What changes would you make?
  4. The Talking Animal: Create a tale about an animal that can talk and the adventures you both embark on.
  5. My Dream Vacation: Describe your dream vacation destination and everything you would do there.
  6. The Mysterious Door: Write a story about finding a mysterious door in your house that leads to a magical land.
  7. If I Had a Robot: Imagine you have a robot that can do anything you want. What would you ask it to do?
  8. The Enchanted Forest: Describe what you encounter on a journey through an enchanted forest.
  9. The Day I Met an Alien: Write about a surprising encounter with an alien from another planet.
  10. My Special Talent: Describe a talent or skill that makes you unique.

These 3rd-grade writing prompts are designed to spark the imaginations of young writers and encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas confidently. As they explore these captivating topics, students will improve their writing skills and develop critical thinking and communication abilities. So, by providing a supportive and creative environment, we can nurture a love for writing in these young minds, setting them on a path of lifelong learning and self-discovery.

4th-grade writing prompts

Now, in the 4th grade, students get better at writing about what they think and how they feel. So, here are some fun writing 4th-grade writing prompts that will help them improve their creativity and ability to think critically:

  1. A Time Capsule Adventure: Imagine burying a time capsule with items representing your life. What would you include, and why? Write a letter to someone who might discover your time capsule.
  2. The Magical Door: One day, you discover a magical door that leads to a mysterious world. Describe what you find on the other side and the adventures that await you.
  3. The Superhero Within: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it to improve the world? Create a story about your superhero alter ego.
  4. The Unusual Pet: You wake up one morning to find a peculiar creature at your doorstep. Describe your new pet, its special abilities, and the bond you develop with it.
  5. The Lost in Time: While exploring your attic, you stumble upon a mysterious antique watch. When you put it on, you are transported to a different period. Write about your adventures in the past.
  6. The Inventor’s Dream: You wake up one morning as a brilliant inventor with the power to create anything you imagine. Describe the fantastic inventions you would bring to life.
  7. The Talking Animals: One day, you discover that animals can suddenly talk and understand human language. Write about your conversations with your pets and other animals in your neighborhood.
  8. The Haunted House: You decide to explore an old abandoned house in your neighborhood, which is rumored to be haunted. Describe the spine-chilling experiences you encounter during your visit.
  9. The Time-Traveling Adventure: You find a magical time-traveling device that allows you to visit any historical event or era. Where would you go, and what would you do during your travels?
  10. The Missing Treasure: While digging in your backyard, you stumble upon an ancient treasure map. Write about your quest to find the missing treasure, challenges, and ultimate discovery.

Writing prompts for 4th grade are an important way to help young students develop their creativity, critical thought, and writing skills. These fun 4th-grade writing prompts urge kids to use their imaginations, say what they think, and find their voices as writers at audiobook service. Hence, by giving them a wide range of interesting topics, we give them the tools they need to become confident and skilled writers.

5th-grade Writing Prompts

The last in elementary school, the 5th grade, is a crucial stage in a student’s academic journey, where they are transitioning to more complex topics and refining their writing skills. To aid their development and encourage self-expression, here are some captivating 5th-grade writing prompts:

  1. The Time Machine: Imagine you discover a time machine in your school’s library. Write a story about your adventure and the historical period you visit.
  2. The Friendly Alien: A friendly alien lands in your backyard one day. Write a narrative describing your encounter and the fun-filled day you spent together.
  3. The Magical Portal: While exploring the woods, you stumble upon a magical portal that leads to another world. Describe the new realm you enter and the fantastical creatures you encounter.
  4. The Talking Animal: You wake up one morning to find your pet dog or cat can suddenly talk. Describe your conversations and the hilarious situations that arise.
  5. The Inventor’s Workshop: Design and describe the most fantastic invention you can think of. Explain how it works and the incredible impact it has on the world.
  6. The Superpower Swap: If you could swap superpowers with any fictional superhero, who would it be and why? Describe the thrilling adventures you would have with your new abilities.
  7. The Lost Treasure: You stumble upon a treasure map on a family vacation. Write a story detailing your quest to find the hidden treasure and the challenges you overcome.
  8. The Haunted House: You and your friends decide to explore a supposedly haunted house in your neighborhood. Describe the spine-chilling events that unfold during your spooky adventure.
  9. The Uninhabited Island: You find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island after a shipwreck. Describe how you survive and the exciting discoveries you make on the island.
  10. The Future City: Envision what the city of the future would look like. Describe its advanced technology, eco-friendly features, and the benefits it brings to its citizens.

These 5th-grade writing prompts are designed to engage young minds and spark creativity. They provide an opportunity for students to explore various genres of writing, from narratives to imaginative stories. By encouraging 5th-graders to express themselves through writing, we can nurture their love for language and storytelling, setting them on a path to becoming skilled and professional article writers.

Remember, the journey of writing is a joyous one, and with these prompts, 5th-graders can embark on exciting adventures of the mind, creating stories that will captivate both their imagination and the hearts of their readers.


Why are writing prompts for kids in middle school so important?

Opinion writing tasks allow students to clearly express what they think and believe. This helps them develop critical thinking and persuasion skills.

Can these writing prompts be changed so that they work for younger kids?

Yes, of course! These writing ideas are for kids as young as 1st graders and as old as 5th graders. They are meant to get kids to be creative and express themselves.

How can writing about opinions help kids outside of school?

When students write about their opinions, they learn important life skills like communicating well and having self-confidence. These skills will help them in school and the future.

Do these writing prompts cover different things young writers might be interested in?

Of course! The 50 writing prompts cover a wide range of topics, from environmental problems to the effects of technology, encouraging young writers to try different types of writing.


Opinion writing prompts for middle school and elementary play a crucial role in empowering young students to express their thoughts, beliefs, and views effectively. By providing diverse, engaging topics, we can spark their imaginations and encourage them to explore their creativity. Opinion writing is more than just putting words on paper; it is a journey of self-discovery and critical thinking.

As educators, parents, and guides, we must equip our young writers with the right tools to excel in expressing themselves. So, let’s continue to encourage and nurture the love for writing in our young students. Indeed, by providing them with creative and thought-provoking writing prompts for middle school and elementary, hopefully, we can cultivate a generation of confident writers, critical thinkers, and empathetic individuals who will shape a brighter future for us all.

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