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Top 10 WordTune Editor Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

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  • January 2, 2024
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The Word Tune Editor is known for its AI-powered editing and improvement features. This Word Tune tool helps ghost writers and content makers make their work easier by suggesting ways to make it clearer, better-looking, and more correct.

Word Tune has many valuable features, but it’s essential to look at other options to meet the wants and preferences of different users. 

Different writing tools with different features and interfaces may work better for some people or different writing styles. Users can also find new features and functions that improve their writing experience by looking at their options.

Word Tune Editor Overview:

Features and Functionalities:

  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance: Word Tune editor employs artificial intelligence to analyze and enhance written content, providing suggestions for improved grammar, style, and clarity.
  • Real-time Editing: The tool offers real-time suggestions and edits as users write, helping them refine their content on the go.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Word Tune suggests alternative words and phrases to diversify and enrich vocabulary, contributing to more engaging and varied writing.
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checks: It includes robust grammar and punctuation checking capabilities, aiding users in creating polished and error-free writing a text.
  • Style Improvement: It editor assists in refining writing style, providing recommendations for better coherence and readability.
  • Compatibility: WordTune can be integrated into various writing platforms, offering flexibility in usage across different applications.

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A Comparison of WordTune Editor With its Exceptional Alternatives

Website Features Pricing
WordTune Sentence-by-sentence content improvement, Real-time writing help, Integration with Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, and Quora. Freemium model with a paid option
HIX.AI Over 120 AI writing tools, ArticleGPT for original, fact-based, and SEO-friendly content, Integration with Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, and Quora. Affordable pricing
Jasper AI Uses ChatGPT-4 intelligence, Content paraphrasing and rewriting, Paid subscription at $49 per month. Premium pricing
Reword AI training using URLs, Search Console, or manual input, Strong SEO content generation, Paraphrasing and idea generation for headlines and Scholastic Aptitude Test Writing. Pricing based on usage
Writesonic Fast content creation tool, Generative AI helper (Chatsonic), SEO-friendly content suggestions and improvements $2.6 million in funding
WordAI Ensures correct and valuable copy creation, Protection of keywords, Options for conservative, regular, and adventurous content Pricing plans available
ProWritingAid Strong grammar and spelling checker, Thorough writing tips, Improved skills development and Narrative Poetry Freemium model with a paid option Live chatbot assistance while typing, Various tones for different writing purposes, Summarization tool. Pricing based on usage
Paraphraser Four modes: Standard, Creative, Fluency, and Word Changer, Suggestions for rewriting, fluency, and in-depth analysis, Plagiarism checker and grammar tool Comprehensive writing solution
Speed Write Mix of rephrasing and generating new material, Predictions based on provided content, Suitable for general subjects Predictions based on uniqueness
GravityWrite Rewriting of words, paragraphs, and entire articles, Powered by ChatGPT-4 with over 115 AI writing themes, Creation of original, SEO-friendly, and plagiarism-free content Pricing plans available


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Top 10 WordTune Editor Alternatives:

1- HIX.AI:

With over 120 AI writing tools and a powerful ArticleGPT, the HIX.AI platform has features that let you make 100% original, fact-based, and SEO-friendly content from scratch in seconds. 

You can use it to write news stories of 3,000 words, roundups of Amazon products, product comparisons, how-to tips, ChatGPT writing prompts, and more. Even better, HIX.AI can add the newest data, content, and references to your work, ensuring your content is always up-to-date on any topic.

How does it work? We found that HIX.AI gave our writers the best on-demand writing help when we tested it. It was helpful without getting in the way, and the connections with Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook, and Quora made it easy to use all of them.

HIX.AI is the best app, like Wordtune, that you can get right now. Regarding other AI writing assistants, HIX.AI is also the best deal. It gives you better results for less money than competitors like Copy.AI and Jasper. AI.

2- Jasper AI:

If you have money to invest, Jasper AI is an excellent option for Wordtune. The paid subscription costs $49 a month, so you must ensure the benefits are worth it. Why does it cost so much?  Jasper.AI just raised $125 million and is now worth $1.5 billion, which means investors may want a quick return. 

The platform is prevalent in the market, but it uses the same ChatGPT-4 intelligence as HIX.AI but without the extra features and fun UX.

What do you get when you pay?  Jasper.AI has made a name for itself by excelling in the eBook writing process. The GTP-based model gives you ideas that are good for SEO, letting you quickly rewrite and paraphrase content automatically and by hand.

You can choose what directions to use and get different results. Jasper-AI enables you to decide how content is rewritten.

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3- Rewording:


Do you want to train AI to help you? Then Reword is an excellent option for Wordtune for you. When you sign in, you can share URLs to train AI on your content, use Search Console, or do it by hand.

Rewording is made for teams and works on strong SEO content by combining the power of people and AI. Rewording, a powerful tool for paraphrasing, also provides ideas for headlines, H1s, H2s, and even new topics. Whether you’re creating content for your blog or engaging in Tales Of Demons And Gods discussions, Rewording streamlines the process with its versatile capabilities.

The results from Rewording depend on how much time you put into it, just like with any other AI tool. The editor can produce good work, as shown by our simple tests. 

However, we’re sure it could get better over time. Wordtune editor can be connected to your CMS, making changing online content easier. This is another benefit for content production teams.

4- Writesonic:


Wordtune works sentence by sentence, making it take longer to make content. Writesonic is a fast writing tool that you should check out. This company has raised $2.6 million in two rounds of funding. It has used the money to sell itself but not to improve its software.

Chatsonic, its generative AI helper, is one of the best things about it. The helper can give you ideas on improving your content, including making it more SEO-friendly and easier to read. Moreover, if you have time, you can use Botsonic to govern research and enhance your robotic writing capabilities.

5- WordAI:


A lot of the time, an online Wordtune editor edits content that needs more editing before it’s ready to use. On the other hand, WordAi is known for making sure that the copy it creates is correct and valuable the first time. Is it a good idea? WordAi’s material sounded more natural and like it was written by a person than Wordtune’s.

You can protect keywords in the text and change how you respond by choosing from choices like “More Conservative,” “Regular,” and “More Adventurous.” You can change paragraphs and articles, but Wordtune only looks at words. The system can simultaneously make multiple versions of the same piece, which speeds up work.

6- ProWritingAid:


Looking for something other than Grammarly and Wordtune? ProWritingAid has a strong grammar and spelling checker that works just as well as Grammarly’s.

After signing up, you can use ProWritingAid in Chrome, a Mac, or your web browser. The powerful web version worked great for us when we tried it. You can choose between quick fixes for language and spelling mistakes, the best free AI essay writer, or more in-depth fixes that will help you improve your test for the people taking it.

The assistant provides superior writing tips, enhancing your skills more comprehensively than Wordtune. If you oversee a team of English writers and aim to elevate your performance, ProWritingAid stands out as an excellent choice among ghostwriting websites.

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Chatbots are changing more than just customer service; they’re also making it easier for writers to get more done. There is a live chatbot on that can help you with your writing as you type. 

One great thing about it is that you can pick from different tones, such as confident (for sales copy) or worried (for messages that are hard to write).

This is much more than Wordtune gives you, but do they work? During our tests, the Chatbot tips on the left side of the screen, especially in the context of autobiography and biography writing, helped us develop great ideas for our articles. The tool for summarizing worked well, and the tone of voice option gave us a few different options.

8- Paraphraser:


Wordtune is a more advanced platform; it only lets you change the tone of your writing and make tips for formal writing. On the other hand, Paraphraser has four modes: Standard, Creative, Fluency, and Word Changer.

When you paste in text, the system makes suggestions based on the mode. Standard can simply rewrite something, and fluency can help your writing move better. Things are going well so far, but things are now getting interesting. 

Word Changer looks at your writing in a lot more depth. We did some tests and found that the results could have been better, but it does something that none of its rivals, including Wordtune, do.

There is a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, and a powerful tool for paraphrasing. This is an all-in-one writing answer for people who don’t want to hire a professional book writing service.

9- Speed Write:


Speed writing is an exciting mix of rephrasing and making up new material.

It takes the material you already have and makes “predictions” based on what you give it.  If you don’t know what to say next, type in a word or phrase, and Speedwrite will give you a list of possible answers.

It could be better, but sometimes it comes in handy. The more unique your novel AI prompts and input is, the more appropriate answers you will get.

Speedwrite will work well if you’re writing about a general subject. It won’t be as accurate if you’re writing about something unique or niche. 

10- GravityWrite:


GravityWrite is like Wordtune in some ways but better in others. It can fix more than just words; it can rewrite whole paragraphs and even write whole articles! 

It’s also powered by ChatGPT-4, making it easy to write in a way everyone can understand. It has over 115 AI writing themes, like a treasure chest. GravityWrite can help you quickly write original, SEO-friendly content, blog posts, and plans that are free of plagiarism. Whether you’re writing about ChatGPT-4 advancements or exploring the number of books in the Bible, GravityWrite provides versatile and efficient writing support.


The top 10 alternatives to WordTune Editor offer diverse options for users seeking advanced writing and editing tools. Whether you prioritize grammar correction, style improvement, or enhanced proofreading capabilities, these alternatives cater to various writing needs. 

Ultimately, selecting these alternatives depends on individual preferences, writing goals, and the specific features that align with the user’s editing requirements. Explore these alternatives to find the one that best suits your writing style and preferences.

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