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7 Best eBook Subscription Services to Work in 2024

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  • December 12, 2023
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If you are an enthusiast of books and an avid reader, an eBook subscription offers an extensive library akin to Netflix’s vast array of movies and series. 

With these services, you can access an expansive collection of eBooks, numbering in the thousands or even millions. Thankfully, in the market you can find numerous eBook subscription platforms. However, finding the right one for your literary cravings can be challenging.

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Best Places To Find The eBook Subscription Services in 2024

Let’s explore the best eBook subscription services that even expert book publishers often use.

1- Scribd:


Initially focused on publishing academic papers, Scribd pivoted to retailing eBooks in 2009, gaining popularity as a hub for user-submitted papers and books. Its subscription service debuted in 2013 at under $10 per month.

Scribd boasts a wealth of features:

  • Over 1 million eBooks, magazines, audiobooks, and documents at your fingertips.
  • It has Collaborated with 1,000+ publishing houses, including industry giants like Macmillan, HarperCollins, and Hachette.
  • Provision for uploading your documents and books.
  • Subscribers enjoy complimentary access to platforms like MUBI, AUDM, and FarFaria.
  • Accessible across various devices, including Web, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Nook.

In essence, Scribd emerges as an inclusive and best ebook subscription service. It offers an extensive catalog and additional perks, making it a noteworthy option for book lovers seeking a diverse reading experience.

2- Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription

amazon kindle unlimited subscription

Kindle Unlimited subscription, introduced by Amazon in 2014, is a premier eBook subscription service boasting the largest array of eBooks available for a reasonable fee. 

This platform grants readers access to an expansive library of titles, making it one of the Best Books On Kindle Unlimited. It’s perfect for Kindle E-readers and various Amazon devices, including the Fire tablet. Additionally, members can enjoy Kindle Unlimited titles through the free Kindle app on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

However, it’s important to note that these titles are not accessible on other e-Reader devices.

Furthermore, Kindle Unlimited presents an impressive array of titles from prominent publishers such as HarperCollins, Macmillan, Hachette, and Simon & Schuster.

The platform consistently enriches its catalog by introducing new books authored by popular and best-selling book writers. However, it’s not limited to them; you can also sell an eBook on Amazon.

Moreover, many professional eBook marketers think that Amazon Kindle is the best place to grow fast as a new author.

Highlighted features include:

  • It has access to an unparalleled collection exceeding 3 million digital titles. This vast repository ensures readers have abundant options catering to varied interests.
  • You can enjoy reading across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Web, and Windows. This accessibility ensures a seamless reading experience, allowing users to switch between devices effortlessly.
  • Experience a user-friendly application designed to enhance the overall reading process. The intuitive interface simplifies navigation, making book discovery and reading hassle-free.
  • Benefit from round-the-clock customer support for any assistance needed. The platform ensures users receive prompt help and guidance, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory reading experience.
  • The Kindle Unlimited subscription, priced under $10 per month, offers the freedom to cancel anytime. This flexibility allows users to manage their subscriptions according to their preferences.

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3- 24symbols


At number three, we have 24symbols, a cloud-based platform that stands out as one of the most affordable eBook subscription services. It offers extensive reading materials ranging from history novels, bestsellers, memories, fiction, and non-fiction to directories. This platform also includes comics and graphic novels in its collection.

Key features of 24symbols include:

  • You can access an unlimited catalog exceeding 1 million books, spanning diverse genres and categories. 
  • The platform allows users to curate and manage their digital library, tailoring it to suit individual reading preferences. This feature empowers readers to create a personalized collection of eBooks aligned with their specific interests.
  • Customizable personal profiles enhance the overall reading journey by facilitating efficient book management. Users can personalize their profiles, optimizing their reading experience and ensuring seamless book organization.
  • You can benefit from tailored book recommendations based on your digital library selections. This personalized feature guides readers to discover new titles closely aligned with their reading preferences, enriching their literary exploration.
  • With pricing set at less than $9 per month, this platform offers a budget-friendly option for avid readers. It enables access to a diverse eBook collection without straining one’s budget. This makes it an attractive choice for those seeking quality reads at an affordable cost.

Overall, 24symbols emerges as an economical yet comprehensive eBook subscription platform. It caters to a wide range of reading tastes and preferences while offering a cost-effective subscription option for enthusiastic readers.

4- Kobo Plus eBook Subscription

Kobo Plus eBook & Audiobook Subscription

Kobo Plus is an excellent choice for Kobo device owners, offering access to an extensive library of eBooks, but its availability is limited to selected countries.

It is only accessible in Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal and recently launched in the USA. This eBook subscription service is priced at $10 per month.

Key aspects of Kobo Plus include:

  • Access a vast library of over 1.3 million books from Kobo’s extensive collection. Dive into a diverse selection spanning various genres, ensuring a wide range of titles like Trails Carolina Investigation to suit every reader’s taste.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of reading across different platforms. Whether on the web, Android, iOS, or Kobo devices, the service ensures accessibility, allowing users to seamlessly switch between devices for a consistent reading experience.
  • Experience the service firsthand with a 30-day free trial. This trial period allows users to immerse themselves in the platform’s vast collection. It empowers them to make an informed decision before committing to a subscription.

Additionally, Kobo recently introduced the Kobo Elipsa 2E e-reader featuring a 10.3-inch glare-free e-ink touchscreen, enhancing the reading experience for users. However, it’s important to note that Kobo Plus is exclusively available to Kobo device owners in specific countries, offering them an extensive collection of eBooks at a reasonable subscription cost.

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5- Bookmate


Bookmate emerges as a versatile mobile reading app catering to a global audience, providing access to an extensive library of over 12 million titles.

Initially launched in 2010, the app garnered immense popularity in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) before expanding its reach to other nations, including Indonesia, Singapore, Scandinavia, and various parts of Latin America.

Key features of Bookmate include:

  • Bookmate helps you share and discover books with friends. See what your pals are reading, exchange recommendations, and chat about books you love. It’s like having a book club with friends, but online!
  • Bookmate has an easy-to-understand app. It’s designed to help you find books easily and enjoy reading without any hassle. You can navigate the app effortlessly and have fun exploring new books.
  • You can add your favorite books to Bookmate. Whether it’s a classic novel or a book you wrote, you can keep all your favorites in one place. It’s like having your special library right on your phone!

6- Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a comprehensive platform offering many eBooks, best audiobooks, and comics to cater to diverse reader preferences. Users can explore an extensive library, including bestsellers, classics, and niche genres, providing a rich reading experience.

Key features of Google Play Books include:

  • With millions of titles available, users can discover an extensive range of eBooks, audiobooks, and comics from various genres and authors.
  • The platform offers flexibility, allowing users to access purchased or subscribed content across multiple devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.
  • Google Play Books provides personalized suggestions based on users’ reading habits and preferences, enhancing their exploration of new titles.
  • Apart from the subscription service, users can purchase or rent individual books, offering flexibility in accessing specific titles of interest.
  • Users can seamlessly switch between devices while reading, with synchronized bookmarks and progress, ensuring a consistent reading experience.
  • The app offers various settings for personalized reading experiences, such as adjusting font sizes, themes, and background colors.

Google Play Books is a popular choice among readers due to its expansive collection, user-friendly interface, and ability to cater to a wide range of reading preferences, making it a versatile platform for digital reading enthusiasts.

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7- ComiXology Unlimited 

ComiXology Unlimited 

ComiXology Unlimited is a subscription service that offers digital comics. You can read over 25,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga for a monthly fee. Amazon bought ComiXology in 2014, and it has become much bigger since then.

Key features of ComiXology Unlimited include:

  • You can enjoy thousands of comics from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, etc. If you love Marvel, you might want to check our article comparing ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited.
  • Price: $6 per month for reading without limits 
  • Free Trial: Yes, you can try it for 30 days for free Selection: 
  • More than 25,000 digital comics Platforms: You can use it on the web, Android, iOS, and 
  • Kindle Fire Regions: Available only in the United States 
  • If you have Amazon Prime, you can add ComiXology Unlimited for an extra $5.99 monthly. This lets Prime members access ComiXology Unlimited at a lower price.

ComiXology Unlimited is a great choice for the best eBook subscription, especially if you’re into digital comics!


In 2024, there are 7 best eBook subscriptions that people love and also sometimes use to print an eBook. These services have tons of books for everyone and work smoothly on phones and computers.

What makes these services stand out? They are user-friendly and have nifty features, like suggesting books tailored just for you. The best part? They’re budget-friendly too! These subscriptions are continually improving, offering new and exciting content for readers, making the joy of reading effortless and enjoyable. 

If you are passionate about books, these 7 best eBook subscriptions are the ultimate choice for diving into the world of literature in 2024! Additionally, suppose you are planning to write an eBook yourself or even with a bestselling eBook writing service in USA or need an eBook editing service. In that case, these platforms might perfectly fit your needs.

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