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The Best Audiobooks 2023 To Listen in Free Time

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  • August 16, 2023
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  • 9 min read


There are a lot of stories that you may want to read. However, not everyone has that kind of time. So if you want to pass some of your free time off, you are from the best audiobook services, and want captivating ideas, then this article is for you. This article will share some of the best audiobooks 2023 you can listen to.

Now you can keep doing whatever you want and listen to the stories. This will not only keep you entertained and engaged, but it will also help you keep up with your TBR. 

This list will have something for everyone, including everything from thrilling mysteries, heartwarming romances to thought-provoking nonfiction. So put on your headphones, find a comfortable spot, and prepare for a unique audio trip.

Whether you have never listened to a podcast before or you listen to them all the time, no worries because we’ve included a wide range of types and styles. We made sure that there was an option for every interest and mood.

List of the Best Audiobooks 2023 and All time

1- Sarah Anderson’s “The Enchantress’s Curse”

Sarah Anderson's "The Enchantress's Curse"

The first Best Audiobooks 2023 we have on our list is “The Enchantress’ Curse” by Sarah Anderson. This captivating fantasy book will take you on a magical trip full of adventures and suspense. In this audiobook, we will be able to listen to the mesmerizing voiceover of Andersons. 

In this story, there is a young main character as they try to find their way through a world full of magic, mythical animals, and an old curse.

When the main character accidentally faces the wrath of an old sorceress, they are cursed. So now, to break this curse and embark on a dangerous quest to escape the spell, they seek guidance from top audiobook publishers. Like the Wizard of Oz, they encounter a myriad of characters, including fairies, elves, and dragons, each possessing unique skills and personalities.

So, Anderson’s vivid descriptions and captivating stories bring these mythical animals to life. This will immerse the listeners in this fantastical world and spark their imaginations.

As the hero’s journey goes on, they face difficult tasks and problems, making them stronger and more resilient. With each setback, the main character makes new friends and learns important lessons about power and what happens when abused. 

The way Anderson tells the story keeps us on the edge of our seats the whole time. He takes us to a world where nothing is certain except that the hero will do whatever it takes to break the curse.

2- Emily Roberts’s “The Art of Resilience”

Emily Roberts's "The Art of Resilience" 

The next very amazing audiobook we have on our list of the Best Audiobooks 2023 is Emily Roberts’s “The Art of Resilience.” This is an uplifting audiobook that will help you become resilient. 

Roberts gives his listeners practical ways to deal with problems and build their inner power. In this audiobook, you will find that Emily Roberts will give you a plan for personal growth and mental well-being. She would be doing that by telling interesting stories and giving expert advice. With her warm, easy-to-understand storytelling, Roberts takes us on a life-changing journey toward resilience and gives us the tools to face life’s challenges with courage.

3- “The Silent Witness” by Emma Thompson

"The Silent Witness" by Emma Thompson

The next Best Audiobooks 2023 we have on our list is “The Silent Witness” by Emma Thompson. This audiobook is nothing you have ever come across because it will continue to keep you on the edge.

Thompson’s thrilling audiobook story pulls apart a web of secrets and lies, taking ereaders on an exciting ride. She has a hypnotic way of telling the story, bringing every part of it to life. You will be left wanting more once you start listening to this dark and moody story. As you read “The Silent Witness,” Thompson’s storytelling skills will keep you interested.

4- “The Science of Happiness” by Dr. Rebecca Lewis

"The Science of Happiness" by Dr. Rebecca Lewis

The next must-listen audiobook on our list of the best audiobooks 2023 is “The Science of Happiness” by Dr. Rebecca Lewis. This audiobook is a must-listen if you want ideas and advice on living a happier and more satisfying life. 

In this book, Dr. Lewis looks at a study proven to work and tells stories anyone can relate to. With this, he will navigate and guide people and help them find happiness and joy in their everyday lives. Dr. Lewis explains the science behind happiness and gives tips on how to live a happier, more satisfying life through her insightful narration.

This audiobook, crafted to record audiobooks, has some unique points of view and stories that will capture your imagination. These audiobooks have what you need, whether you want to get stronger, enjoy an exciting story, or discover how to be happy.

5- James Newton’s “The Time Traveler’s Odyssey”

James Newton's "The Time Traveler's Odyssey"

So James Newton’s “The Time Traveler’s Odyssey” is next on the list of the Best Audiobooks 2023. this thrilling science fiction story takes listeners on an amazing trip through different periods.

In this audiobook, you will listen to Newton telling a unique story that will bring each time period to life. His narration will make you feel like you are in the middle of the complicated space-time continuum. As you move through time with the main character, you will have to think about the limits of what is possible and what will happen if you change the past.

6- “The Power of Mindfulness” by Sarah Davis

"The Power of Mindfulness" by Sarah Davis,

The next Best Audiobooks 2023 we have on our list is “The Power of Mindfulness” by Sarah Davis. This amazing audiobook asks listeners to start a journey that will change their lives. It will also help them live more mindfully and fully. 

Davis looks at the many benefits of mindfulness in a way that is both relaxing and helpful. She also gives us useful tools for dealing with the problems of daily life by helping us reduce stress, focus better, and become more aware. Let the soothing voice of Davis lead you to a state of relaxation and awareness.

7- In “The Lost City of Atlantis” by Mark Thompson,

In "The Lost City of Atlantis" by Mark Thompson,

The next Best Audiobooks 2023 that we have on our list is “The Lost City of Atlantis” by Mark Thompson. In this book, you can learn about the secrets of the lost city of Atlantis. This fascinating work of historical fiction brings the legendary society to life with vivid descriptions.

Thompson’s detailed storyline pulls readers into a world of wonder and mystery as they follow the characters to discover what happened to this old underwater city. If you’re searching for the perfect gifts for book lovers, look no further! Get ready to be swept away by the mythical city of Atlantis’s allure and wonder, making it one of the Best Gifts For Book Lovers.

8- Laura Harrison’s “The Incredible Inventor”

Laura Harrison's "The Incredible Inventor"

This captivating audiobook for kids is a delightful celebration of the power of creativity and the endless possibilities of thinking big. Harrison encourages young listeners to embrace their creativity and go on a discovery trip.

This audiobook takes us on an amazing journey full of wonder and excitement. Harrison’s words come to life from the first page and paint detailed pictures in children’s and adults’ minds. 

Her charming voice tells the story in a way that gets to the heart of each character, making them real and likable to young viewers. Beautiful words, reminiscent of the vibrant literary scene among independent book publishers in NYC, tell the story and transport the reader to a world where anything can happen.

What makes “The Incredible Inventor” stand out is that it allows kids to use their imaginations. The story tells kids to think outside the box, ask questions, and makeup stories. 

Harrison successfully weaves important lessons about sticking with things and solving problems. She tells how important it is to believe in yourself in the story. This gives kids the courage to follow their ideas and be proud of what they can do.

9- Robert Johnson’s “The Road Less Traveled”

Robert Johnson's "The Road Less Traveled"

Robert Johnson’s “The Road Less Traveled” is about a man taking the less traveled road.

In this wise and thought-provoking audiobook, Johnson asks listeners to go on a deep journey into their inner selves. 

He does this by giving them deep wisdom and quiet moments to think. With his interesting way of telling stories, he teaches important lessons that encourage people to accept change and face difficulties.

10- “The Art of Letting Go” by Sophia Roberts.

"The Art of Letting Go" by Sophia Roberts. 

The next Best Audiobooks 2023 we have on our list is “The Art of Letting Go” by Sophia Roberts. 

In this touching and life-changing audiobook, Roberts goes deep into the complicated nature of relationships. She shows how important it is to let go of bonds. She helps people through the hard process of letting go and finding inner peace. And She does that so by telling stories that are easy to understand and soothing to listen to.

Throughout the audiobook, Roberts talks about how strong resolve is and how important it is to take care of yourself. She also tells personal stories and gives lessons from her own life and the lives of others.

Roberts’s way of telling the story in the Best Books On Kindle Unlimited is warm and comforting, making viewers feel they know and are understood. Her words sound real and like they came from a real person. This makes sure that her message is both understandable and powerful.

 As she shares her wisdom and tips for getting through the emotional journey of letting go, people will feel inspired to make positive life changes.


These Best Audiobooks 2023 cover various styles and topics, so everyone can find something to enjoy in their spare time. If you are an ebook writing service provider, you can also listen to these books to get inspiration to write more books. So sit back, relax, and let the charming narrators of these Best Audiobooks 2023 take you to magical worlds, wise lessons, and exciting experiences.

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