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5 Children’s Book Ideas Generator Websites (Free & Fast)

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  • February 17, 2024
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  • 9 min read

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Children’s book ideas generators are online tools designed to assist good storytellers in quickly brainstorming and crafting ideas for children’s books. These idea generators give top eBook writers randomly generated prompts, settings, characters, plots, titles, and more to spark creativity and inspiration. 

This guide will explore some of the top free children’s book ideas generators available online. These tools provide a fun, fast way for authors to brainstorm everything from premises to titles. 

With the story seeds these generators plant, writers can cultivate a garden full of unique Children’s Book Ideas.

Benefits of using Children’s Book Ideas Generator

When it comes to writing children’s books, using an automated children’s book ideas generator offers numerous advantages for writers:

1- Huge range of unique concepts

They provide many unique concepts and ideas that would be difficult to develop from scratch. The algorithms behind these tools allow for billions of different story combinations.

2- Save time

They save time spent racking your brain for Children’s Book Ideas. Within seconds, you can produce dozens of ChatGPT Prompts to choose from.

3- Overcome writer’s block. 

They help overcome writer’s block by providing a jumping-off point. The random prompts give you something to build off.

4- Encourage creativity 

They encourage creativity and imagination as you expand the basic prompts into full story outlines. 

5- Simple and easy to use 

They are simple and easy to use. Just click a button and let the tool do the ideating for you.

Top 5 Children’s Book Ideas Generator Websites

If you’re an aspiring author or someone involved in providing ghost writing services, generating fresh ideas for children’s books can sometimes be daunting. Here are some proficient story idea generators that might help:

1- Story Starter Generator

Story Starter Generator is a valuable resource for writers, providing creative and engaging opening lines to kickstart their stories. With over 150 story starters available, writers can easily find inspiration and set the tone for their narratives. 

These starters offer a glimpse into the story, setting the mood and capturing the reader’s attention. They can initiate a story, introduce a character, or establish a scene, making them versatile and effective for various writing projects.

This children’s book ideas generator tool provides hundreds of story starters across various genres, such as fairy tales, mysteries, science fiction, and more. Users simply select a genre and click the “New Story Starter” button to receive a randomly generated first line or short prompt to kickstart short ghost stories.

For example, you may get “Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived…” or “It was a dark and stormy night when…”.

Story Starter Generator makes writing fun by providing an element of surprise. The tool encourages imagination as users consider where the story starter could lead. 

Teachers often use it as a warmup writing exercise or to inspire reluctant writers. The starters spark curiosity and set the stage for crafting an original tale.

Since the prompts are short, they allow plenty of room for the writer to take the story in their unique direction. The tool kickstarts the creative process and lets the Children’s Book Ideas flow freely. 

Children can even generate multiple story starters and choose their favorite to build upon. Story Starter Generator is a simple but effective brainstorming resource for inspiring imaginative writing.

2- Taleforge 

Taleforge is a writing exercise and memoir ghostwriting skill practice app created by Martin Hooijmans from The Story Shack, an illustrated flash fiction journal. The app is designed to help authors practice their creative writing skills by providing starting prompts, word targets, and additional challenges to incorporate into their stories.

It is a writing game that helps authors “think on their feet” and provides starting prompts and word targets, posing additional challenges for the writers. 

The children’s book generator app offers an easytouse interface with big, colorful buttons to generate story idea options to create prompts for different genres and story structures. It also allows customization of prompts by choosing key story elements like characters, settings, objects, and more. This adaptability thereby enhances the creative experience for individual writers and book publishers New York.

The prompts generated by this children’s book generator are printable and sharable, allowing writers to save ideas and continue writing later.

With Taleforge, you simply press a button to randomly generate story ideas in different genres like fantasy, mystery, romance, and more. You can generate anything from a short writing prompt to a detailed writing exercise with characters, settings, and plot points. 

It’s a great way for kids to practice creative writing and use their imagination to bring prompts to life.

This children’s book idea generator takes the struggle out of writing ideas from scratch. With just a few clicks, kids can discover prompts that spark their interest and get their minds racing with possibilities. 

3- Squibler

Squibler is a versatile children’s book ideas generator tool that offers a range of features to help authors create high-quality content and become a good storytellers. The platform provides an AI Editor that can generate chapters or scenes, lengthen or shorten text, add vivid descriptions, intensify paragraphs, rephrase sentences, and even mimic the style of a famous author. 

The Most Dangerous Writing App, a feature of Squibler, presents a unique challenge to writers. If the user stops typing, all progress will be lost. This tool is designed to encourage consistent and uninterrupted writing. This makes it particularly useful for overcoming writer’s block and fostering a disciplined writing routine. 

This children’s book generator provides useful features to help storytellers brainstorm ideas, flesh out plots, and bring their stories to life. The ideas on Squibler come in short prompts or starting points that spark the imagination. For instance, some sample prompts include “A young wizard’s spellbook goes missing” or “A crew of space explorers discovers a planet made entirely of candy.”  

Once you find an inspired prompt, you can use Squibler’s outlining tool to build a complete story arc. The outline helps map out all the key narrative elements like characters, setting, conflict, and resolution. You can create multiple outlines to experiment with different story directions. Squibler also provides helpful tips and examples for building well-structured, dramatic plots. 

Whether battling writer’s block or looking to explore fun new ideas, Squibler is a great tool for aspiring independent children’s book publishers.

4- Monster Manuscript

Monster Manuscript is a powerful children’s book ideas generator that utilizes prompts, structured story segments, and innovative AI technology to help users, including young readers, create unique book concepts and storylines. It uses prompts, structured story segments, and innovative AI technology to help kids create unique book concepts and storylines. 

With Monster Manuscript, users can explore a library of over 15,000 story starters spanning different genres like adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. Kids simply select a story prompt that inspires them, and the tool will automatically generate a customized book outline complete with original characters, settings, plots, and key events. 

As users continue writing their stories, Monster Manuscript provides helpful writing tips and tricks tailored to young authors. The tool breaks down book writing into manageable chunks, with sections focused on establishing the main character. This interactive, step-by-step process makes book ideation approachable and fun for kids, while also providing valuable insights into best book writing services.

Monster Manuscript also includes a massive database of names, places, items, and descriptions that kids can mix and match to populate their unique stories. So, the generator offers customizable suggestions if they need help coming up with an exciting character name or creating a thrilling plot twist.

5- Once Upon a Bot:

Once Upon a Bot is an exclusive software that integrates modern artificial intelligence technology to generate customized illustrated stories and free AI essay writer option. It is no ordinary story generator. 

It is an entertaining way of writing stories and developing creative writing skills. On the Once Upon a Bot website, you can create and print your customized books either for yourself or as a gift for someone. It is a relaxed and uncomplicated way to read and create with your kids. 

You can make any event a story, fictionalize your child’s adventures, or educate one through a tale. You, too, can save and share stories with others. 

Once Upon a Bot is a site that allows you to write your novel in less than a minute. It produces original and interesting stories driven by your preferences by using artificial intelligence. You can select various genres, topics, characters, scenes, and subplots to develop a novel written specifically for you. 

Once Upon A Bot is a service that relies on AI to generate incredible stories with you. It is not just another tool but an entertaining and imaginative method of children’s story creation using AI. 

It enables users to use their photos as the principal star in their stories. A narrator function allows the stories to be read aloud, either using a single voice or multiple voices. It is a fun game that helps the kid improve his or her reading skills and can spark the child’s imagination.


Some great online children’s book ideas generators are available to help spark children’s book ideas.

These sites provide free and fast ways to generate children’s book concepts and inspiration. The different interfaces allow you to choose the right children’s book ideas generator based on how much control vs surprise you want over the results.

You can access an endless supply of writing prompts with a few clicks. Use these as a launching pad, then expand on the ideas and make them your own. 

Don’t just copy the computer-generated text; allow it to stimulate your creativity. Develop the concept further using your imagination. With the help of these online children’s book idea generator, you’ll be prepared to write the next great children’s book in no time!

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